Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My 501(c)(3)

The purpose of Sustainable Seas, Inc. is to provide assistance for education and job skills training for the people and communities that depend upon fishing coastal marine resources and now face, or will face, disruption of their traditional lifestyles and means of livelihood because of the need to conform with fishery conservation regulations.  Our assistance will include sponsoring public meetings to understand the issues and explore their implications for the communities, and to provide financial assistance for retraining in jobs that are water-man oriented and comparable with community traditional use of the sea.  We may, when possible, also provide training and financial backing for non-extractive uses for resources such as aquaculture and eco-tourism, or in the sustainable uses for existing fisheries through agreed management practices and value added applications.  In this way we will assist these coastal communities to maintain their traditional marine oriented ways of life and embark on a new tradition of sustainable use of their living coastal marine resources.  

Our education activities began in 2002.  Our main project at this time is the Ligui School and Computer Center Project in Baja California, Mexico.  This project is being managed through an affiliation with a Mexican Association Civil:  Asistencia Educacion Superior en Ligui-Ensenada Blance, A.C.

This is what I put on out application for recognition as a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service.  Having said all this, the correct blog site is:

Please check it out.  

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